Help us give the warmth of a furnace to families in need this winter.

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Barron Heating is honored and grateful to be a part of this community and to have served you for more than 45 years.

水果视频ios官方在线下载This holiday season we couldn’t think of a better way to say ‘Thank You for choosing Barron’ than by giving back through our Barron Heating Furnace Fund. Thanks to you, our team is thrilled to be able to give a furnace to THREE families in need this winter.

Here at Barron, we know the importance of keeping your home safe, warm and comfortable. The Furnace Fund will provide proper heat for a family that would otherwise go without.

水果视频ios官方在线下载So as the weather gets cold, help us eliminate one more worry and give families in need the warmth of a furnace. Fill out the form below to recommend a deserving family today.

水果视频ios官方在线下载Barron Heating & Air Conditioning, your Pacific Northwest Home and Building Performance Experts since 1972. Our Mission: Improving Lives™.

水果视频ios官方在线下载*Note: Barron Heating’s Furnace Fund will provide three families a furnace this winter! Recommendations for families in need of a furnace will run November 1 – 30th.

2019 Recipient families:

Furnace Fund Recipients| Barron Heating

Sedro-Woolley Family

水果视频ios官方在线下载Phyllis Queen was born and raised in the same home her entire life—raising her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren there. After her husband’s passing, she now lives alone, battling cancer since 2017. Chemotherapy has caused neuropathy in Phyllis’ extremities, causing consistent pain that is unbearable in the cold, and she’s lost half of her body and muscle mass, making it difficult to regulate her own body heat. Living on a fixed income, she’s unable to afford the skyrocketing power bill due to her 30-year-old furnace, and her pellet stove does not supply her entire home with adequate heat. She often sleeps on the sofa because it’s too cold in her bedroom. Taking some of the worry out of her life, Barron installed a Daikin ductless mini split system, ensuring Phyllis and her family would stay warm and comfortable throughout her home.

Stanwood Family

Lisa Earhart is a grandmother raising six of her grandchildren, as her daughter is unable to. She is employed full time, but money is very tight, especially with a large loan taken out to pay her husband’s medical bills after his recent passing from cancer. Heating their home with just small electric heaters and a fireplace, a new furnace has been a dream but nowhere near doable for the family. Finding the perfect solution, Barron installed a Daikin ductless mini split system for their mobile home, giving the entire family peace of mind and a warm space to call home.

Sumas Family

A single mom of six, Theresa Brand recently underwent breast cancer surgery and is now doing chemotherapy. With a long road of recovery ahead, she is the sole caregiver of her daughter who was born with epilepsy, cerebral palsy and now a new diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The Brand’s furnace went out in their 1930s home last winter, and due to their illnesses they have not had the funds to replace it. They have been relying on space heaters and their oven alone for heat. Barron transformed their space by installing a new Carrier furnace, ensuring they now have a warm and comfortable home they can feel safe in.