Crawlspace Repair in Bellingham, Mount Vernon & Everett, WA and the Surrounding Areas

Crawlspace Repair in Bellingham, Mount Vernon & Everett, WA - Barron Heating水果视频ios官方在线下载 We’re very excited to let people know about the newest addition to our offering of Home Performance Solutions: Weatherization & Crawl Space Repair.

The crawlspace can often be a dark and uninviting place. Bugs, molds and moisture love to find their way into your crawlspace and make their home there. Even though your crawlspace includes vents that help with the overall climate underneath your home, this isn’t always enough.

水果视频ios官方在线下载Even with vents, it’s still possible for standing water to accumulate during periods of heavy rain, and this can take days to completely dry out. This moist, humid setting creates the perfect environment for mold, mildew and fungus to grow.

If these continue to grow, they can develop into a health risk for your family. This humidity also creates extra moisture that penetrates the wood foundation. This can lead to the development of wood rot and may attract termites.

Crawlspace Repair

Crawlspace Repair in Bellingham, Mount Vernon & Everett, WA - Barron Heating
Ground Cover: The ground cover or vapor barrier that covers the dirt under your home plays a very important role to both the structural integrity of your home by keeping potentially damaging humidity from getting into the wood structure of your home. This can cause not only the rotting of wood but also the growth of mildew, mold and unhealthy air that can be drawn into the home through mechanical penetrations and ductwork connections. Often, pooling water and rodent debris make it necessary to replace your ground cover/vapor barrier.
Crawlspace Repair in Bellingham, Mount Vernon & Everett, WA - Barron Heating
Air Sealing: Penetrations through your subfloor into the living space such as register boots, plumbing connections as well as electrical and communication wires, all create paths which allow for ‘bad’ air to be sucked into the home when wind blows against a home or when leaky ductwork causes that air to be brought into the home from the crawl space or attic. Air Sealing is recommended by the Dept. of Energy on most homes due to common building standards and the low cost to improvement value it adds.
Crawlspace Repair in Bellingham, Mount Vernon & Everett, WA - Barron Heating
Insulation: Adding or replacing insulation can have a huge impact on the comfort or health of a home as well as the well-known energy efficiency gains it can offer. Most people are unaware of the allergenic reactions many have to fiberglass insulation and how proper air sealing can reduce the infiltration of air that has passed through insulation can benefit those living in the home. Compromised crawl and attic spaces are often a home for rodents and pests whose traffic may leave unhealthy evidence behind, requiring the existing insulation to be removed and replaced to improve the indoor air quality problems that occur as a result.
Crawlspace Repair in Bellingham, Mount Vernon & Everett, WA - Barron Heating
Rodent/Pest Control: The most common evidence of rodent and pest problems in your crawl space or attic is typically ‘smell’. The odor of urine from animals or decaying bodies is generally brought into the home due to leaky duct systems and an unsealed subfloor. Job one is the removal and clean up of the rodents, followed by the replacement of damaged materials as well as the plugging of possible pathways the rodents find into the crawlspace. Often rodents are brought into the home due to the smell of food sources and warmth that are delivered into the crawlspace by leaky duct systems and unsealed pathways. Both can be treated with economical solutions to remedy the problem.

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