SCARY Monthly Energy Bills?

水果视频ios官方在线下载Are you SCARED of your monthly energy bills? You shouldn’t have to be. Big changes, like investing in high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment, will obviously have the largest impact on your monthly statements. But smaller, mindful changes around your home can really add up!

Check out these tips for lessening your energy demands:

1. Turn off the lights when you aren’t in a room or use a timer.

2. Switch to high-efficiency light bulbs.

3. Lower or raise the temperature your thermostat is set at (depending on the season).

水果视频ios官方在线下载4. Wear layers instead of cranking up the thermostat during the winter.

水果视频ios官方在线下载5. Set your thermostat to “AUTO” instead of “ON.”

6. Keep all your vents and registers open.

7. Keep the windows and doors of your home closed and seal them properly.

8. Change your furnace filter.

水果视频ios官方在线下载9. Sign up for budget billing if your utility company offers it.

10. Avoid using space heaters and other supplementary heating methods.

11. Operate your ceiling fans correctly for the best air distribution—clockwise during the winter and counter-clockwise during the summer.

12. Wash your clothes in cold water.

13. Take shorter and cooler showers.

14. Open or close curtains depending on the season.

15. Unplug items like televisions and kitchen appliances when they aren’t in use.

From small changes around the house to big ones like investing in new, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, taking steps toward lessening the energy demands of your home can make a big impact on your energy footprint and your monthly bills. Contact Barron Heating & Air Conditioning to give your comfort and savings a boost:
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